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Do You Have a Legal Issue?

  • Considering bankruptcy?
  • Setting up a will?
  • Buying or selling a house?
  • Considering a divorce?
  • Starting a professional practice?
  • If you've got any kind of legal business, you need a board certified lawyer from VerdictOne.

Why Verdict One?

We're fast, private, and confidential

Finding a good lawyer can be difficult in the best of circumstances.
Unfortunately, when legal problems arise, they must be responded to
quickly and time is often short. You could ask friends and business
associates for their referrals, but that, too, takes time. Furthermore,
there is no guarantee that friends and associates will recommend a
lawyer qualified to handle your particular issue. And, asking others
means giving up your privacy. But now you can tap into a network of
elite, qualified lawyers all by yourself.

With VerdictOne, you can enter your location and legal issue to
find a board certified lawyer in your area right now. Give the lawyer’s
office a call to set up your appointment and you’ve started the process
toward a positive resolution of your legal issue, all while maintaining
your privacy.

Powerful Technology

Our Quick Search Engine draws from a growing database making
it easier to pinpoint a qualified, board certified lawyer in your area.
All you need is access to the internet to begin the process.


Professional legal representation can be expensive, but VerdictOne
makes sure that you get the most value for your money by helping you
hire the most fully qualified, experienced lawyer possible.


Our Typical Visitor is . . . Someone Just Like You

You’re going into business and want a good lawyer to verify that everything is properly handled. Or, you want a will drawn up by a lawyer who has specialized experience. Perhaps you're selling a house and want to be certain that nothing is missed at the closing. Or, after months of family therapy, you and your spouse decide you need to find divorce lawyers.

In the past you’ve talked to people at work, family and friends, and finding a lawyer was difficult and uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a qualified attorney, a board certified lawyer, on your own?

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